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Our mission

Is to be your insurance agency's technology expert

AgentRun was created by Andrew Lech, at the time an independent insurance broker and software engineer.

Using his knowledge of the insurance industry and powered by his passion for building game changing software, Andrew started AgentRun, a tool that would seamlessly integrate into his workflow.

Since 2012, the AgentRun team has been holding hands with insurance brokers all over the United States, leveraging their business with rock-solid software.

Awesome support

Is the spine of our business

Our mission is to be there for our agencies when they need it. Providing less than remarkable support would not cut it.

We give support to our agents all the time, even during weekends.

Reliable software

That is available all the time

We use the most advanced methods and technologies to ensure that our software is something you can trust.

Secure, fast and always up.

Andrew Lech, CEO of AgentRun

Andrew Lech


Federico Bana, CTO of AgentRun

Federico Bana